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Before we begin work on any parcel of land, we work in concert with governmental and tribal authorities as well as the members of the community to assure the project is successful not simply from a profit-return standpoint, but also that is undertaken in a way that truly benefits the people directly affected by our presence in a region. We ask questions and listen, and then work with community leaders to develop a specific plan to address everything from farmland protection and fire safety to health issues and child welfare.

Then, to assure the plan is followed and that the lines of communication remain open, Community Committees are formed for each community in the project area, as well as a Company-Community Committee that includes representatives from each of the Community Committees, members of both local tribal and governmental bodies, youth and women's groups representatives, opinion leaders and company representatives. This primary committee is responsible for handling any issues, concerns, grievances, requests and needs, and for passing along information and announcements to ensure understanding of all company undertakings.

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