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Lack of preventative care and poor health are major contributors to the poverty trap. As UNICEF says, "The capacity to grow and learn, live and work productively, and take care of a family depends on good health."

The health of BFA workers and community members is of prime importance to our company. Outside of providing workers with protective equipment and clothing and training them in occupational safety and hygiene, we provide a small facility and pay the salary for a nurse or doctor that the entire community can access.

This healthcare worker not only provides care to the community, but also serves as the conduit for promoting awareness and information on health, safety and environmental protection procedures. This includes HIV/AIDS services and awareness, which is a critical component to our healthcare policy. Our HIV/AIDS policy is in line with Ghana's national strategic plan for HIV/AIDS prevention/awareness, and includes care and counseling for infected workers/community members, HIV testing, condom use promotion and distribution, and HIV/AIDS education.

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