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The company was originally established in 2005 as BioDiesel Ltd. and BioFuel Ltd., with a wholly owned subsidiary created in Ghana called BioFuel Africa Ltd. Thereafter, BioDiesel Norge AS was established in 2006 to handle planned downstream biodiesel sales in Norway. Further, BioFuel AS was established when Norfuel AS (today Perennial Bioenergy AS) entered as shareholder in 2007. The funding provided by Norfuel enabled the company to secure land, develop a test farm and carry out early-stage project development for large-scale farming.
In March 13, 2009 BioFuel AS filed for bankruptcy.
Two of the original founders of the Biofuel group: Mr. Arne Helvig and Mr. Steinar Kolnes purchased all the debt from the liquidator and took over the Ghana operations. The company now operates exclusively as Solar Harvest AS, Norwegian-based parent company to its operating arm in Ghana called BioFuel Africa Ltd.

From its inception, the company began to acquire large tracts of land in Ghana suitable for the cultivation and production of jatropha crude oil. In addition to securing land, the company focused its efforts on research and development into cultivation of the jatropha plant, mechanization of the harvesting process and training of agricultural workers. At its test farm near Ghana's largest port in Tema, BioFuel Africa explores various plant varieties, cultivation and harvesting techniques, fertilizers, and pest and disease prevention methods along with training practices.

BioFuel Africa was the first company in Ghana to receive approval from the country's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a jatropha oil plantation near Tamale. In order to achieve this approval, the company outlined extensive social responsibility and environmental protection initiatives that are currently underway.

Shortly after receiving EPA approval, large-scale farming in Tamale began, with a focus on ensuring that existing plantation areas are efficiently and effectively managed, positive relationships with communities, tribes and governmental organizations are cultivated, and sustainable business practices are put in place to secure rapid expansion during 2009 and beyond.

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