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Right now, most non-timber products in the project areas are used for subsistence, primarily for household and medicinal purposes (particularly by those who can't afford healthcare services). If they were more accessible to local farmers and the yield higher, these products could be sold in other markets.

Trees that already grow in the area, primarily shea nut, mango and dawadawa trees are important trees economically, but largely grow only in the wild because it is too large of an investment for most local farmers, with too long a yield time - one bag of seeds can cost more than a month's salary - and because locals practice bush burning (which disturbs tree growth) trees can take up to 15 years to mature.

To assist local farmers in creating long-term sustainable livelihoods, we grow seedlings for these trees in our nursery, protected from wild fires and other elements, reducing time to maturity to about two years. The trees are then transplanted on community property or any other parcel of land (not company land), at zero cost to the communities or individual farmers, providing an alternative or additional source of income for local farmers. This is an example of how we invest our own dollars to help make communities more productive and self-sustaining for years to come.

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