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Rain Harvesting

Water sampling and studies in the proposed project areas revealed that water from the White Volta and community water sources are of poor quality. Not only do many parameters exceed World Health Organization drinking water standards, they also exceed EPA water discharge quality guidelines (which are far below drinking water standards), a result of high human and animal interaction with water sources.

Safe drinking water and sanitation are basic to human survival, dignity and productivity. Mahatma Gandhi once said about pre-independence India, "Sanitation is more important than independence." Without safe drinking water people cannot be productive enough to work or care for their families. Securing a safe water supply is essential not only to an area's productivity and growth, but to its survival.

Due to the scarcity of water in the dry season and its abundance and flooding in the rainy season, water harvesting is a promising option for water conservation, sustainable use and land management. Creating dams to harvest rain water assures availability of clean water all year round for company and community use.

We have already created two dams exclusively for community use, one for animals and one for humans, to ensure the water is potable. These dams are located away from primary water sources in order to avoid overflows from the dams. Where communities already have water storage points, we enlarge and raise embankments to improve the hygiene of water points and the volume of water stored. Trees are also planted around embankments to reduce the rate of water evaporation. We will also build additional dams for nursery irrigation to avoid pollution and reduce the impact on available water sources in the area.

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